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Amwaj Jewellery

Designing both bespoke and high jewellery since 1999, Amwaj tells the tale of dancing light on the gradient ocean surface through unparalleled contemporary design.


Our name is synonymous with the powerful force of the ocean waves that give rise to sought after treasures. Amwaj brings exceptional stones to life through detailed, innovative and experienced craftsmanship. Amwaj is a homegrown Emirati fine jewellery brand that strongly upholds the values of storytelling. The collections are uniquely distinct to the founder’s vision of creating wearable art

“It all started with my love of playing dress up with my mother’s jewelry at a very young age. My journey in design is all about recreating those playful experiences for women with my jewelry. Our tradition, culture, and heritage act as a source of inspiration for my designs, which are a reflection of how I perceive the world and the many interactions I have with inspirational women and their stories,”

- Fatima Al Dhaheri


The Designer

Driven by her passion for art and precious organic gems, Fatima Al Dhaheri is the force behind the company’s development. Her journey in the field of jewellery began in 2010 when encouraged by her father to take on the family jewellery business. Fatima began studying at the Gemological Institute of America, refining her skills and learning the intricacies of diamond and coloured stones and slowly began to transform Amwaj into a regionally renowned and reputable brand exuding quality, creativity and remarkable designs.

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